Writer and artist Cyrus Aaron, along with a talented cast of 16, performed two showings of Aaron's playwright debut "SOMEDAY: A Cyrus Aaron Exhibit" this spring in NYC. SOMEDAY, a well-executed layering of song, interpretive dance, captivating scenes and spoken word, weaves a multi-textured experience for the viewer, providing an emotional glimpse into the psyche of a Black man in America today. "A gentle nudge. At times, a forcible shake. A lovingly stern prompt to wakening," reviews HANNAH EIC Qimmah Saafir. 


Here, Aaron performs a segment of SOMEDAY called "A Blues for Nina&Barbara&Maya&...," an ode to Black women.


(This evening, July 17th at 6pm, Aaron is performing his second showing of his latest, The Negro Odyssey, at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. Tickets are still available.)